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SW:TOR London Q&A

Stephen Reid: Any Questions about SW:TOR? Everyone too tired; I understand!

Question: Any capture the base type missions in PvP?

Gabe Amatangelo: So the reason Stephen’s laughing is because its a popular question and… soon we’ll be talking about this stuff; but we wont be talking about it now.

Stephen Reid: Anyone else? Anyone else?

Daniel Erickson: Anyone else got any questions that we wont answer? Questions that we wont answer? I’m willing to not answer any questions.. Oh hes got.. you got a question for me not to answer?

Question: Yeah;

Daniel Erickson: How old is that SW:TOR Dreamcast Shirt!

Question: Erm; why are all the Empire characters British?

Daniel Erickson: That was actually my decision; really early on I wanted too evoke really my memory of the original trilogy and in ...


Sannas’ Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 Story

Portal 2 is a continuation of the original Portal however some many 99999…… years into the future, you are still in control of your favourite Portal character Chell. The introduction of the game shows that this is a continuation and that you are now many years into the future. Your character Chell has been in stasis for all of that time. So this story continues with you stuck in your stasis apartment, GlaDOS is still dead from the first episode, so this is more of escaping the underground bunker that is no longer populated by anyone and you’re in a crumbling wreck of a structure...


Ry’s Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 Story

Portal 2 is set several years after the original. It starts with the main character (Chell) waking up in some sort of motel-like room with a voice issuing instructions as a kind of tutorial. After being put to sleep again, you are then woken by another voice, that of Wheatley (voiced by Stephen Merchant). The room around you looks different, the product of neglect, implying many years have passed.

Wheatley then proceeds to guide you from your current location; back to the test chambers that those who played the original will remember fondly. The two characters soon encounter a dormant GLaDOS and accidentally reboot her, forcing Chell back into the familiar testing chambers.

From here onwards, it becomes a case of “Shut GLaDOS down before she kills me!”

Score:  8/10

portal 2 sp sabotage darkness

Jono’s Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 Story

“To help you keep calm in the face of almost certain death, smooth jazz will be employed..”

“If it makes you feel any better, Science has just validated your mothers decision to abandon you on a doorstep”

Sarcastic comments like these are what help move Portal 2’s story line along tremendously. They also had me laughing to myself for a good ten minutes. Like the first Portal, the games story revolves around your character running through a series of puzzles within the Aperture Science facility. Unlike the first game however there are several new characters...

portal 2 excursion funnel

Cullen’s Portal 2 Review

Having now played Portal 2’s cooperative campaign through to the end, what can I say about it? Well, first off; don’t play it with Sannas, especially when he’s tired.

Okay, so here is my “review” of Portal 2. However I will say I’ve not played the single player campaign, so I intend to come back and adjust these scores accordingly.

Portal 2 Story

As I’ve said, I’ve only played the co-op, so I can’t say whether the two stories tie together, if they do this score will probably improve. As it is, the cooperative campaign is based around these two robots doing challenges and helping to bring Aperture Science back online...


Sannas’ Portal Review

Portal Story

The story is explained to you through GLaDOS who fills in all the details you need to know. Why you’re there, what you need to achieve and ultimately what the plan is. GLaDOS is as you would expect a computer to be, logically directed as its programmer intended. The programmer has made some mistakes along the way and GLaDOS has slipped up and developed partial emotions other than its set directive, which leaves a dry sense of humour that as I mentioned above is one of the best parts of the game.

Score: 8/10

Portal Sound

Audio in this game matches it well...

portal jumps

Ry’s Portal Review

Portal Story

You play a character named Chell, who is a test subject for Aperture Science that is tasked with completing several tasks/zones for GLaDOS, the computer AI system that runs the facility you’re held in. The only voice interaction that the player has is with GLaDOS while leading Chell from zone to zone, who’s comments get funnier and funnier, but also more disturbing as the game progresses. This really succeeds in dragging you into the game, cos you just want to hear what she/it comes out with next.

Score: 8/10

Portal Sound 

Compared to most games, there really isn’t much in the way of sound effects other than the sci-fi pop of the Portal Gun itself and the ironic quips of your robotic instructor GLaDOS...

portal mirrors

Jono’s Portal Review

Portal Story

I’ll be the first to admit, that quite honestly I didn’t pay much attention to the story within Portal. At the start of the game you’re released into a bunch of tests and I would assume you’re some sort of medical experiment. I didn’t find the story particularly engaging; nor would I have expected to, since I would classify Portal as a puzzle game. The GLaDOS computer-thing, is the way the story is moved forwards. It continues to mock you, telling the player that it’s unlikely it will be able to get past this next challenge that’s been setup for you. Comments like this can either lead to infuriate you, when you hit a difficult part of the game or push you on to defeat it

Score: 7/10

Portal Sound

The one thing I find about sound, is the fact that if the ambient...


Cullen’s Portal Review

Portal Story

Mixing humor into an enjoyable gaming experience is always a winner in my book, and Portal excels in this. Every challenge has a little intro and exit routine from the “friendly” AI computer GLaDOS and these become more and more hilarious as your success in the challenges before you become obviously irritating to your watcher. And without giving away too many spoilers (blog sites are full enough of these as it is) you’ll be looking forward to your icing-covered reward.

Score: 9/10

Portal Sound

Fits the game perfectly, which is what you come to expect from Valve. From the moment you “wake up” there is a familiar tune playing (maybe that’s just me, because I’m an internet geek and because JoCo rocks my socks)...


Sannas’ LOTRO Review


As you would expect the game is based on Tolkiens Lord of the Rings novels, and Turbine have attempted to stick to Lore(lore is a basis of comparison to the original ideas by Tolkien). There are a few little lore breakers here and there, but in my opinion sticking to lore within any game is difficult when you’re trying to provide an ever increasing experience for the players. The novels are explained in part by taking part in “Epic Book” quests but you will see many familiar faces in the game from Tom Bombadil all the way through to Gandalf the Grey who you get to interact with at different stages of the game...