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SW:TOR London Q&A

Stephen Reid: Any Questions about SW:TOR? Everyone too tired; I understand!

Question: Any capture the base type missions in PvP?

Gabe Amatangelo: So the reason Stephen’s laughing is because its a popular question and… soon we’ll be talking about this stuff; but we wont be talking about it now.

Stephen Reid: Anyone else? Anyone else?

Daniel Erickson: Anyone else got any questions that we wont answer? Questions that we wont answer? I’m willing to not answer any questions.. Oh hes got.. you got a question for me not to answer?

Question: Yeah;

Daniel Erickson: How old is that SW:TOR Dreamcast Shirt!

Question: Erm; why are all the Empire characters British?

Daniel Erickson: That was actually my decision; really early on I wanted too evoke really my memory of the original trilogy and in ...