Jono’s Killing Floor Review


Killing Floor Story

The genius of Killing Floor’s story element is that it does not have a story. Before you sit back and look at your screen confused- let me explain what I mean. When launching the game, you get no story information, you can simply get straight into the zombie blitzing. Throughout playing the game you may pick up tidbits of information on what may be happening around you whilst you fend of horrible looking monsters.

However, that is realistically the extent of any story information you will gain from Floor. This lends itself to those people who just want to get in and kill monsters. However; if you wish to create your own scenarios, about why your character would be in this situation, fighting for his life by fending off military creations which provide you ever so generously with cash to purchase new weapons. Then you CAN! It’s almost a role-players wet dream, its a clean sheet too write your own heroic story or tragic downfall.

Will you save humanity or will you die in the first wave…

Score: 3/10 Whereas I’ve praised the lack of story above, I cannot justify giving a game with no story, a high score on Story.

Killing Floor Sound

Killing Floors soundscape is as vast. The ambient sounds are all locked into which map you will be playing on, if you’re playing on the Aperture map for example, expect to hear a lot of “Portal” game sounds in the background. Where sound really lends itself to Killing Floor is from the weapon sounds and from the zombie monsters.

Each specimen has a unique sound which can help you identify what’s coming after you- and believe me, if you’re not running and gunning; you’re as good as dead! From the Banshee’s wailing to the silent footsteps and the de-cloaking of a stalker, the sound can really help keep you alive. And since Killing Floor is a survival FPS, this really adds to the content of the game. The sound effects for the weapons are also pretty darn good, you certainly couldn’t ask for much more.

The voice acting, however leaves something to be desired. Although I could go so far to say that it’s not really the voice acting which is terrible, it’s more the script.

Score: 8/10

Killing Floor Graphics

killing floor co-op

The graphics within Killing Floor do what they’re supposed to do; and that’s about as far as I would go in describing them. They’re certainly not mind blowing, but the style of graphics really lends to the “Horror” aspect of the game. If a creature jumps out at you from a dark corner, you may find it difficult keeping your hands on the keyboard- never mind actually fighting it off!

To give Killing Floor its credit- I wouldn’t expect better graphics on a game such as this one. It really delivers what it says it will and because of this you can run the game on a reasonably terrible PC AND on a Mac- BONUS.

Score: 7/10

Killing Floor Gameplay

You get a gun. You shoot zombies with it. You get a knife. You cut zombies heads off. When you kill zombies, you gain money. You use that money to buy better and more equipment. You use that equipment to kill zombies and eventually a Patriarch (boss monster.)

Yes. It is that simple; and unfortunately more fun than the game has a right to be. Why the game is so fun, I honestly couldn’t tell you- I could attempt to and my attempts would say something along the lines of that it… nope, I got no clue. Take a step back and just think about it for a second:

The military have buggered up big time and unleashed a ridiculously large amount of monsters upon the world, all which have one focus. To eat and kill you! You and your brave band of friends bunch up together to help each other survive the apocalypse and destroy as many zombies along the way as possible.

End of Game!

It’s that frustrating feeling and the feeling of “needing to complete the game” which brings people back over and over again. It can’t hurt that all you do is shoot and hack zombies to death…

Score: 9/10 Fun and frustrating.

Killing Floor Content

One of the things that makes me really happy about this game is the amount of DLC the game has managed to put out in the 2 years since it launched. There are several DLC character packs which you can purchase and a large amount of maps to download- the game was originally launched with around 5 maps and now has many many more. The community is still very much alive within this game and the developers are obviously still working on new content.

Score: 8/10

Patriarch- Boss Enemy.

Killing Floor Overall

This is a game that if I’ve had a particularly bad day, I can just jump in and start slaughtering zombie experiments. and yes, it is reasonably satisfying. My main gripe with the game is that you’re not getting a great deal for the price. If you’re to go and purchase Killing Floor- my suggestion would be to wait until Steam has it in one of its many sales, as you’ll probably be able to get it all for under £5.

Score: 70%

Ry’s Killing Floor Score: 85%

Sannas’ Killing Floor Score: 91%

Tal’s Killing Floor Score: 89%