Ry’s Killing Floor Review


Killing Floor Story

The game takes place in London, England. Horzine Biotech is contracted to conduct miltary experiments involving cloning and genetic manipulation. Something goes wrong during the experimentations, and the subjects begin to exhibit grotesque mutations and disfigurements. They become hostile, and overrun the internal security forces of the corporation.

Desperate to contain the outbreak, the British government begin to organize ragtag teams of surviving British Army soldiers and police officers to fight back against the hordes of mutated “specimens” now running amok throughout the London and its outskirts. You will take the role of an anonymous member of one of these teams as they take part in a variety of missions in and around the capital.

Each separate map also has a small background story/biography which summarises the situation you find yourself in, but beyond that, it’s up to you to learn how best to complete each wave.

Score:  7/10 - Don’t know why the rest of the guys had such a problem with finding the story within the game. There may not be much of one, but the story that is there is told well.

Killing Floor Sound

A reasonable sound set accompanies the game, it’s not brilliant but it is excellent for the team and the resources they had available. The weapon sound effects are nice and are exactly how you’d expect an FPS weapon to sound. A pretty dark and atmospheric soundtrack accompanies the game as well, although I usually turn down the music when I play so I can hear the mutants cries of frustration when they fall down to a hail of bullets.

The dialogue is probably the weakest part of the game. While everyone talks in a British accent, the script leaves something to be desired and appears badly written at times with some lines that repeat more often than not. Still, it’s not a bad effort.

Score: 6/10

Killing Floor Graphics


Once you get past the fact this is really a better version of an original mod, Floor is a good looking game for something that’s been around 5 years old. It’s been given a bit of an update and one can only imagine what might happen if the developers were given the money to build a full game from scratch. The model designs, the weapons and the various characters are all well made and animated. The characters, I believe all had a lot of time spent on them, which is why they seem to be way more detailed than the maps themselves.

Score:  6/10

Killing Floor Gameplay

You have wave after wave of mutants to survive against and your team has access to a trader in the levels, the only hitch with this is…she enjoys moving around and can only open her shop for a certain amount of time. You earn cash as you battle the mutants and this is where we we’re reminded of certain elements of Counter Strike, it’s a good system, it rewards active players and allows you to customize the weapon load outs for your team to stand the best chance of survival.

Other than what I’ve previously mentioned, Killing Floor is typical of a standard fps. You have the usual controls and gameplay wise there are only a few differences that stand out.

1 – The trader spices things up from a tactical standpoint. You can’t just get to her, you have to survive first and then have a limited amount of time to get to where she’s going to be (shown with an arrow at the top of your screen), choose your weapons and armour before she shuts those doors and you’re back into it.
2 – Perks: each selectable character has a number of Perks that can be unlocked as the game progresses, they give bonuses/enhancements to weapons and armour.
3 – Z.E.D time – slow motion death for certain enemies in a wave, it’s cool and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you trigger it.

Score: 8/10

Killing Floor Content

You can go online with other players or you can play solo on any of the games maps. The game also comes with a fair variety of maps and considering that this was originally an Unreal Tournament 2k4 mod (so it’s several years old) it still manages to impress in a fair few ways.

The majority of the content in KF revolves around the aforementioned multiplayer. I’ve spent many hours in this game (66 according to steam) killing mutants and trying to keep Sannas alive.

As long as you have a relatively competent team and a decent level of perks, most people shouldn’t have any problem completing most of the maps. Unless you try it on suicidal of course, in which case, have fun! 😀

Score: 7/10

Killing Floor Overall

All in all this game is a fantastic time sink, definitely recommended to all FPS fans. If you can try and grab it from Steam on one of their various sales and you won’t be disappointed. Maybe you can even join us on our personal server at some point…

Score: 85%

Jono’s Killing Floor Score: 70%

Sannas’ Killing Floor Score: 91%

Tal’s Killing Floor Score: 89%