Sannas’ Brink Review


Brink Story

YES YES YES Brink is finally here and I can’t wait, or is this a case of bitter disappointment?

The story is simple and somewhat lacking, if you’re looking for story line you won’t find much here. I suppose you could call this a spoiler as it probably contains the full extent of the story in just this paragraph below.

You are in a futuristic world on a place called ‘The Arc’, sea levels have risen and man has had to build a floating city to survive. You have two classes of society the poor and the rich, the poor have become rebellious to their rich counterparts and are seeking climates new free from the oppression that they feel has been cast down upon them. The rich aren’t happy that their workforce is looking at leaving the Ark and have sent the security forces in to bring order, preventing the poor from leaving.

That’s it! that’s the story, nothing else really to tell, you decide which side you want to be a part of and play through that role. Neither role will make you feel like you are in the right and fighting for the good of mankind.

Score: 4/10

Brink Sound

Sound is not really here in this game, you don’t get the feeling you are fighting for a specific cause, you have the random interlude of characters shouting for heals or ammo, but nothing really significant to make you feel like your achieving something or that you are being oppressed by your counterparts. Gun fire, explosions and the occasional point capture announcement is about the mass of the sound here.

Score: 4/10

Brink Graphics


This is an area where given the situation that you are on an Ark of sorts, the developers could have expanded and really gave you the feeling you were in the future. They could have given you the chance to see that life has progressed or regressed somewhat, but simply put they didn’t. Have you ever been to a shopping centre or a mall when all the stores are closed and no one is around? Its clean and tidy but everyone has left, that is the feeling the developers gave me in the game. Graphically the game isn’t ground breaking and you won’t feel that the developers have used all the tools they have had available to them. The graphics to be honest for such a new and long awaited release are in my opinion poor at best.

Score: 5/10

Brink Gameplay

I honestly don’t know where to start with this section. I am to say the least disappointed with the game play, yes you cannot run through other characters, yes you get different guns to fire but that is really where it ends. The new dynamic that has been added is well ‘hmmm’, it’s basically a free running environment which means, keep your character in a forward motion and obstacles are automatically clambered over. This sounds impressive to start off with until you find yourself getting too close to a wall that has a slight edge to it, your character immediately thinks aha it’s time to climb, that would be ok if it was something to climb on to, but it’s not, so your character immediately falls off again. This slows your character movement dramatically.

If you decide to head down a route of playing a game either in co-op (if you can ever get that to work we never did) or if you play the solo route you will find yourself constantly bullied by the bot’s in your team. You may find yourself needing to do a reload of your weapon and grab some cover whilst you do this, only to find that your friendly bot team mates think you shouldn’t be in cover and push you out into line of fire “Hey! thanks team mate for getting me killed”, and that’s the politest way of putting it. Sadly it doesn’t end there, bots that are carry things for your mission occasionally bug out somewhere, to get them moving again you find yourself trying to use those same bullying techniques. You will find however that your nowhere near as effective at doing as the bots.

Each level has a timer to complete each mission on the campaign, now if the things stated above don’t happen to you, then that’s all well and good. However you may will be deeply disturbed at the way the mechanic works with the bots, you’re never sure if you are playing the game with helpful team mates or a bunch of freaked out noob bots and you dont feel that there is any resemblance to cohesion between the bots and yourself. There are difficulty settings but I’m a little unsure as to why they are there. You can spend 15 minutes completing a level if all goes smoothly or you can spend hours attempting the same thing over and over and OVER again. The bots just run to where they want to go and this makes the game challenging, it leaves you feeling that you have to be ‘GOD ALMIGHTY’ to get the level done, now because you’re not the illusive genius you will die time and time again until the timer runs out. Then as if by some force, (maybe it is ‘The Force’) that you don’t understand your bot team mates will all of a sudden decide to work as part of your team and you will fly through the level virtually unhindered (You’ve found GOD MODE).

Whichever you decide to play be it Freeplay, Challenges or campaign you won’t notice anything significant to determine any difference apart from bots and timers. In my opinion this game is nothing really than a multiplayer FPS and as such it should have been released as anything other than that.

Score: 3/10

Brink Content

Character creation is your first bit of content that you will see, this is limited in my opinion, yes you can dress up as a weird gimp who has lost his way to a sex convention, yes you can dress as a muscle bound Samurai, but the detail that has been put into this seems lacking, considering its supposed to be the free people looking for some sort of freedom from their oppressors, and security guards you would have felt that there were far more character creating options. They all seem to have a chin that you wouldn’t have much chance missing if you was to throw a punch at it. Simply put, It lacks normality, unless we are to believe that in the future we will all look like clones of one another accept for different tones of skin.

You then get to choose which of the four different specialties you wish to take be it Soldier, Medic, Engineer or Operative. Each of which have their own special abilities. But don’t worry if you find yourself spawning in with a whole group of medics, you can switch to a different class at a command point within the level itself.

The next is your armoury this I have to say is probably the best feature in the game although somewhat lacking and nothing new. You do get a nice weapon customization panel and you do get to chose any of the weapons you have unlocked. You get to unlock further weapons, skills and character remodelling by levelling up, which consists of , using your abilities to help team mates and also by wining missions.

Score: 6/10

Brink Overall

I had very high expectations for this game, so much so that I pre-ordered it in September 2010. But this game has become a complete NO NO NO instead of the Yes’s at the top of the page. I could have said much more about the game, but to be honest I toned back on a lot more of the dynamics that I didn’t feel worked well in the game for this review, purely because I feel that the smart system is a good idea and with a little more effort would work extremely well, so the developers need a little credit there. I feel highly let down by the game overall. Simply put the hype far exceeded the game. You would think and feel that with such a long pre-order time for the game it would have been supreme. You would have thought that the developers would have spent some considerable amount of time… ermm… well… developing the game. I wish I had more to say that I thought was good about this release except I can’t, I just hope that my counterparts at DogHouseGamer have better things to say but for me this deserves no more than a doghouse rating of:

Score: 48%

Ry’s Brink Score: 60%

Cullen’s Brink Score: 45%

Jono’s Brink Score: 79%