Sannas’ Killing Floor Review


Killing Floor Story

Its time to talk zombies, or blast the undead so they can never get up again to savage some poor human into death only to be re-born to join the ranks of the human-munchers. There isn’t so much of a story to talk of for Floor, so I will quickly cover its origins. The game itself spawned as an Unreal Tournament mod back in 2004, in 2009 Tripwire released the full version game after Alex Quick finally accepted Tripwires proposal to produce the game as a standalone.

The story itself is subtle and doesn’t require much in the means of a description although you feel like you’re killing zombies you’re actually killing specimens from a botched underground experiment by a company called Horzine Biotech. These specimens have broken free killed all the security that was placed to prevent them from escaping and have escaped their confines to cause havoc and mayhem through London and the surrounding areas, the police are overwhelmed and the British government have no choice but to organise small outfits to try and quell the insurgence of the grotesque specimens. The small groups are made up of soldiers and special branch police officers.

As I said not a big story but adequate enough to get you out and killing anything that moves.

Score: 7/10

Killing Floor Sound

The game isn’t really about the sound of things its about killing specimens wherever you find them until you can find no more in existence, that said however you will be quite pleased with the audio of the different weapons. You also have an additional command system where you can call on your allies to support you or heal you etc which is audible to everyone in your vicinity. This was a nice addition to a game that started as a mod. Tripwire release the occasional content updates that provide an additional map and for a limited time a different skin and sound from the specimens that you come across, which adds a nice change to the game.

Score: 8/10

Killing Floor Graphics


Graphics are ok for a game that is now a couple of years old . They aren’t anything outstanding or breathtaking as far as development is concerned, but when you’re in a high action shooter like Killing Floor how much time do you get to take to appreciate your environmental settings to the max, not much to be honest. The graphics do the job they were set out to do they tell you where you are, you know your in a lab or train station or the streets of London, the graphics are simple and honest.

What isn’t that common in a lot of games is the location, this one being London in a present day enviroment. You do get to see what a double decker bus looks like for example or maybe a british police car which in my opinion does offer some appeal to the game. As mentioned above you do have Tripwires continued support for their release with additional content from time to time which have the bonus of the additional skins being added to the mobs. This alters the feel to the game and provides a refreshing experience, that said these content updates are on a time limit and are not always available to see.

Score: 7/10

Killing Floor Gameplay

You start by picking your Perk system of which you have seven to choose from Berserker, Commando, Demolitions, Firebug, Medic, Sharpshooter or Support Specialist. You have to level each of them up to level six by carrying out specific tasks that comprise of different things depending on the class like killing so many of a specific specimen, healing team mates, welding doors or just getting so many damage points with a specific weapon. As you level each class you get several buffs to the class and your class weapons become cheaper to purchase from the store between rounds.

I just mentioned rounds in the last paragraph each round gets progressively harder with more mobs spawning in per round and more deadly specimens entering the fray until the final and which brings out the Patriarch who is a devastating force combining all of the abilities of each and every specimen you have seen in previous rounds. He has Devastating blows and devastating ranged attacks and requires a combined effort with your team mates to finish him off.

There isn’t really much more to talk about gameplay it flows easily enough and with the right team you will win the overall battle in that specific area. Depending on the level of difficulty set you will find it easy on beginner through to impossible on hell on earth.

Score: 8/10

Killing Floor Content

The single-player and multiplayer mode have no real differences between the two. The areas are the same, the combat is the same, the mobs are the same. Single player is in my mind just an option of doing the challenge on your own instead of a multiplayer group. The good thing that the devs have done was to balance the mobs to the amount of players online and they appear to have done this well, so you will find the challenge equal from one to six players. As this is a Steam Game you will find the occasional tie in with other releases, for instance when Portal 2 was launched they introduced a Portal map to kill more specimens, or steams summer/winter sales etc. Normally i’m not one for content that promotes other games however this does seem to fit the game to an extent.

Another feature that does need a mention as I think this is an excellent move to keeping a game alive, is the ability for users to run their own servers. Killing floor has this option and it’s a wise move in my opinion to give this facility to its player base. So many developers get… well…. lets say paranoid about doing such things but to be honest this system works extrememly well and as such the game is so much stronger for it in my opinion.

Score: 7/10

Killing Floor Overall

What do I think of this game, quite simply I love it, it’s one of those perfect non-thinking “I WANT TO KILL ZOMBIES” moments that can last for five minutes to several hours of fun and indeed I have done both. I have levelled up my more preferred classes to a substantial level and do enjoy joining the other guys in doghouse to rid the streets of London from the mayhem that’s occurred from the stupid mad scientists. For what the game costs and the fact that Tripwire offer the occasional free addition of content to satisfy your pallet with a bit more to enjoy, it’s a game that should have a few years left before people lose interest. If this sort of game fills your needs to let out some vengeance then this is definitely worth a go.

Score: 91%

Jono’s Killing Floor Score: 70%

Ry’s Killing Floor Score: 85%

Tal’s Killing Floor Score: 89%